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The AeroSurge Platform is comprised of two elements – a reusable controller and a disposable aerosolizing unit (DAU):
The controller is a reusable device which powers the DAU, controlling the quantity and speed of flow of the therapeutic into the cavity, the time required to administer the requisite amount of the therapeutic and the droplet size of the aerosol, which affects the rate and dispersal of the aerosol to the patient.

The DAU is inserted into the trocar sleeve and delivers the aerosolized therapeutic into the patient’s peritoneal cavity during surgery (the blue portion is the part of the trocar that typically rests inside the patient’s abdomen during laparoscopic procedures).

The DAU fits into the existing trocar sleeve and the controller can be placed on the standard equipment stack used in operating theaters worldwide.  The therapeutic is placed in the drug reservoir and is converted into a fine mist which comes out of the end of the trocar sleeve and into the peritoneal cavity.  The device also humidifies the cavity with the potential to prevent tissues from drying out as a result of prolonged exposure to dry carbon dioxide. Continue >>