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The central feature of our technology is a vibrating mesh that acts as an electronic micro-pump aerosol generator which is comprised of a unique dome-shaped aperture plate containing over 1,000 precision-formed tapered holes, surrounded by an element that vibrates more than 100,000 times per second when energy is applied. The vibration causes each aperture to act as a micro-pump, drawing liquid through the holes to form consistently sized droplets. The result is a low-velocity aerosol optimized for maximum penetration into the peritoneal cavity.  The aerosol generator works with most pre-existing formulations because no propellants or heat are used and can be customized for an individual therapeutic application by adjusting the particle size for delivery of a broad range of drugs including small molecules, proteins, peptides and liposome-based therapies. The images below show the micro-pump aperture plate, which is embedded in the DAU, at various stages of magnification, and how the liquid is drawn through to form a fine aerosol when the plate vibrates.

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