AeroSurgical Ltd., Galway Business Park, Dangan, Galway, Ireland
Phone  +353 91 540450
Job Specification
  • Research and formulation for new products particularly in the pain and/or adhesion areas.
  • Perform complex and creative work in the R&D field, including the generation of intellectual property.
  • Familiarity with ICH/USP/FDA/EMEA regulations and guidance.
  • Have the ability to work effectively both independently and with a multidisciplinary team of biologists, engineers, and external collaborators.
  • Originate and apply new and unique procedures, methods, or designs, and develop specialized equipment and/or products.

  • Education / Experience

  • Advanced degree, (M.S. or Ph.D.), in Chemistry plus a minimum of at least 7 years experience.
  • Interested parties should fill out the enquiry form HERE